Henry Akona | Director and Composer

Hiroshima: crucible of light

Text by Robert Lawson
Music by Henry Akona
Directed by Henry Akona

At WalkerSpace, New York City February 27 through March 15, 2008

On a clear night, there—star upon star, sun upon sun, and who can but imagine what other worlds may be there, sight unseen …

Starring: J. Robert Oppenheimer, Marie Curie, the perfect nuclear family, Albert Einstein, the Fool from King Lear, a mysterious woman in a wheelchair ... and the bomb.

Nine seconds separate two worlds.

Oppenheimer: Peter Bean*
Boy / Cellist: Dmitri Friedendberg*
Dad (a.k.a. Harry Shima): Joe Gately*
Fool: Saysha Heinzman
Enola Gay: Kris Lundberg
Sparky: Jared Mezzochi
Flame: Shelley Ray*
Einstein: Timothy Roselle*
Woman in wheelchair: Yvonne Roen*
Mom: Sandy York*

* Member of Actors' Equity Association

Production Team
Director: Henry Akona
Set designer: Amy Davis
Costume designer: Isabelle Fields
Lighting designer: Jeff Nash
Assistant lighting designer: Solomon Weisbard
Properties designer: Berit Johnson
Model design and construction: Tanya Khordoc
Production coordinator: Alex Senchak
Technical Consultant: Obadiah Savage
Set construction: New City Scenic & Display, Inc.
Dramaturg: Karen Lee Ott
Video consultant: Ian W. Hill
Video editor: Daniel McKlienfeld
Fight director: Dan Zisson
Stage manager: Carmen Chen
Assistant director: Elizabeth Irwin
Publicity: Emily Owens PR