Henry Akona | Director and Composer

Václav Havel’s Hunt for a Pig

Czechoslovakia, 1987. Two years before the Velvet Revolution.

Text by Václav Havel
Adapted for the stage by Vladimír Morávek
With music from The Bartered Bride by Bedřich Smetana

Translation and additional text by Edward Einhorn
Direction and musical arrangements by Henry Akona
Choreography by Patrice Miller

Václav Havel needs a pig to cook for a party with his dissident friends. An American journalist arrives for an interview. The villagers have a pig to sell, but where is it? And why is everyone singing The Bartered Bride? Food, drink, song, video and politics collide in this theatrical celebration.

Produced by Untitled Theater Company No. 61 in the Ice Factory 2011 theater festival at the 3LD Art + Technology Center, New York City, June/July 2011.

English-Language Premiere

American Journalist: Katherine Boynton
Accordion: Melissa Elledge
Alto: Elizabeth Figols-Galgarza
Kešot/Bass: John Gallop III
Camera Op.: Andrew Goldsworth
Havel: Robert Honeywell
Fanda/Trombone/Tenor: Michael Hopewell
First Violin: Amanda Lo
Cello: Michael Midlarsky
Tap Master’s Wife/Soprano/Clarinet: Jenny Lee Mitchell
Grip: Mateo Moreno
Tomačka/Soprano/Violin: Phoebe Silva
Mařjenka/Soprano: Moira Stone
Jeník/Tenor: Terrence Stone
Tap Master/Baritone: Michael Whitney
Olga/Soprano/Flute: Sandy York

Production Team
Producer: Edward Einhorn
Assistant Producer: Patrice Miller
Dramaturg: Karen Lee Ott
Band Coordinator: Yvonne Roen
Stage Manager: Elizabeth Irwin
Assistant Director: Joe Pilowski
Video: David Tennant and Kate Freer
Lights: Jeff Nash
Sets: Jane Stein
Costumes: Carla Gant
Props: Berit Johnson
Sound Intern: Will Campbell