Henry Akona | Director and Composer

Reviews: Scenes From A Misunderstanding

“[UTC61 has] an emphasis on theatre as a place for free and unfettered intellectual exchange—a place not just to be entertained but also to be enlarged and enlightened ... Scenes From a Misunderstanding (written by Carey Harrison and directed by Henry Akona) exemplifies this concept beautifully.

“... Carey Harrison’s script is more than just a high concept comedy, as later scenes (in which the two meet, in lederhosen—you have to see it) bear out. The philosophies of both of these great thinkers are contrasted and a path toward compromise and tolerance is charted. Henry Akona’s staging is light, deft, and appropriate, and the performances of Mick O’Brien as Jung, Eric Oleson as Freud, and Kris Lundberg as both of their maids are delightful.”

Martin Denton