Henry Akona | Director and Composer

Reviews: Václav Havel’s Hunt for a Pig

“A combination of media satire, rural operetta, and political parable, The Pig may be one of the more unexpectedly playful and rewarding offerings of New York's summer season.”

Jason Fitzgerald

The Pig starts with “a provocative and frankly entertaining theatrical experience” and ends with “a cause for celebration in its ambiguity, intelligence, and humor.”

Slavic and East European Performance Journal, CUNY

“This snappy slip of a piece, clocking in at a mere 65 minutes, is sprightly and joyful. However short the performance, the cast has plenty of time to display their ample talents, all with fine comedic timing and delivery, lovely singing voices and even the occasional instrument. Edward Einhorn's springy and clever translation pairs well with Henry Akona’s easygoing direction that gives The Pig an organic delight befitting such a tale ... The Pig offers all the right elements for a satisfying evening: a little melodrama and a lot of humor with music and savories to boot.”

Rachel Merrill Moss

“The true genius of the piece struck me as this: on the one hand, the ditzy reporter avoids questions about real politics with an important political and cultural figure in favor of this silly anecdote … but the anecdote ends up being devastatingly eloquent about the political and economic situation in the country at the time.”

Trav SD

“The unique space at 3LD was utilized fully but minimally, with scenes taking place underneath tables and from behind the audience. As Havel tells the story the video is captured by the journalist's news crew and projected onto screens so that as the characters move to different points the audience in the round does not lose the action. [...] The Pig is a one-of-a-kind show with a very limited run, and the lucky cast and luckier audiences share an unforgettable and fully realized performance.”

Stephanie Willing
Big Vision Empty Wallet